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Please Donate to help me heal. Illnesses have completely changed my life. I will share with you my experiences and what I've realized, it will probably make you think about what to do with your life, especially your health. I want to live a meaningful life and have found my calling. I am making efforts to help you and everyone stay healthy. When you have health, you can do what you want with full potential. The key to happiness is to give and help others in hardships. Love yourself more each day and please continue to give. What do you do every day to prevent illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and many others? Please don't let it be too late.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What You Can Do to Help Me

I'm not able to work. You can donate to help me buy organic foods, or buy a car to go to health food stores, or expenses including medical costs. Any amount would help. Please look on the right of this blog and click the Donate button. You can give me gift certificates to buy things on amazon.com, organic oils from soapgoods.com, or other health foods stores, light colored cardigans with three fourth sleeves and soft, stretchy materials at macys.com. I wear size medium in Junior's section, or small in the Women's section. Please note that size small in the Junior's section does not fit me at all. If you can read Vietnamese, please click this link for more details.
Please see "My Wish List" on the side bar.

Organic Oils:
I really need cold pressed, food grade, organic oil as soon as possible including:
apricot kernel oil,
hemp essential oil and hemp seed oil
evening primrose oil,
almond oil,
aloe vera oil which can be a mixture of almond oil and aloe vera,
neem oil,
sunflower seed oil, and/or

I also need organic teas. Please note natural does not mean organic. The tea box must print the word "organic" on it. I'll list organic teas:
organic Rooibos tea,
organic white tea,
organic chamomile tea, and
organic dandelion tea.

You can pray for my recovery. This will help boost my spirit and make me feel alive because you care about my health.

Could someone please read health articles for me, both in English and/or in Vietnamese and send me the file to listen to? Please read them clearly. Please don't read them too fast because I can't catch up. You can use the program on your computer to record or use a digital recorder. I'll give you links to articles to read. My eyes are so painful that reading has become very difficult. I've used the software Speakonia but I have a hard time figuring out what it reads. Tylor, thank you for sending me the software Speakonia. When you help me read health articles, you'll learn more about health, which will help you and your family live a longer, healthier and happier life. You'll have what you give to others, health and happiness. I hope that online articles have audio to download to help ill people who suffer tremendous eye pain like me. One day when I heal completely, I'd like to read health articles and post audio files on this blog.

You can bookmark this blog and share it with others. When you speak on the phone, whether local, long distance, or international, please share my wish with that person. Eventually, it will reach someone who can help me. People from all over the world can help me. When you help me, you may be saving my life, or extend it, or help reduce my miseries.

If you know anyone who is sick, please ask them to read my blog. I hope that my blog will help others in some ways.

Thank you very much. I will possibly update this particular post as I remember what other things I need that you can also help.

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