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Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Intensive Research Focuses on Cancer and How It Has Helped Me

Although I have been suffering miserably from extreme eye pain and other kinds of pain in different areas simultaneously, I have tried so hard to do extensive research almost every day. I need to rest my eyes. I cannot use the monitor, but no one helps me read health articles, watch videos, and listen to audio files therefore, I have to do it myself. My research focuses on cancer thus, I will post about cancer. I have a strong desire to be healthy and look young for as long as possible thus I find those who look healthy, strong, and much younger than their age such as Dr. Axe to see what they eat. If what they advised made sense, I would follow. I was fortunate to find Dr. Axe online and have introduced him and his web site to many people to help them and also to show my gratitude. One day, I found his video on youtube.com and contacted him on facebook. He replied my question which indicated that he cared about others so I decided to explore his web site more. His writing is clear, easy to understand and structural. Dr. Axe says that he eats as if he has cancer. His style matches mine.  Whenever I tried to read, my eyes hurt to tears so I decided to listen to videos mostly. I learn from different sources, but I always come back to Dr. Axe's web site draxe.com as my primary source of information. Dr. Axe has helped his mother cure her cancer and I would like to have his CD to learn all of his techniques.

Mrs. Axe talks about her breast cancer and holistic approach that saves her life.

I've joined a yahoo group where I can get latest news on cancer. I've also learned what cancer survivors eat, how much, and how often they eat those foods and/or herbs. I selected nutrient dense foods that protect against cancers to eat. I have been using cancer fighting methods to help me heal. After I ate a certain food, I noticed how I felt and keep track of my health progress. I felt light after eating healthy foods that I have posted in different journal entries. Those foods give me some energy to do my research on cancer. They have helped me survive and deal with pain. Imagine without them, I would probably need heavy pain medications all day every day. Many patients recovered after about two years when they started eating healthy foods and changed their lifestyles. This means I have to wait for about one and a half year, but I do not know if I can bear another day of pain and suffering. I will try not to think about the long wait. Health is the most precious thus, I will be patient with myself no matter how long it will take as long as I will recover.  I'll continue to learn as much about health as possible for as long as I live.
If you can come read my blog and/or leave an encouraging message, I think it will help me through this difficult time. Could you please invite others to come read my blog and support me spiritually?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Gynura Acutifolia, Coconut Water with fresh Aloe Vera, Eggs

As I got up around 5:30AM, I had stomach ache and felt nauseous. I got hungry shortly after eating and hunger tortured. There was no time to make breakfast so I ate almost the same food as last night. My breakfast today is more like lunch. I ate the first bowl of brown rice with beet root, Gynura Acutifolia, some eggs mostly the white part, and chicken. For the second bowl of brown rice, I had more eggs, a lot of cucumber, and Gynura Acutifolia. I miss fruits although I just ate it yesterday. Holding a bowl of orange juice in my hands, I thought of the usual sour taste of orange but to my surprise, it was somewhat sweet. If it was sour, I would squint my eyes and gulp it anyways. Then I ate a bowl of sweet green bean gruel with coconut milk, aloe vera, and reddish purple grapes. I usually ate fresh grapes separately, but putting them on top of sweet green bean gruel is interesting. Grape smoothie tastes better.

Natalie explains health benefits of coconut.

Do you like coconut? I have always enjoyed the taste of coconut. After eating coconut, I feel refreshed like a whole new person. I am grateful that I have coconut to eat more often now.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, healing methods

I cried many times throughout the day after hearing about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School yesterday. Sending love and peace to the people of Newtown, CT to comfort them.

I have learned that there are thirty seven villages in Viet Nam where many people have died from cancers and many lives are in danger because of harmful chemicals. They need clean water supplies. I hope that someone with a big heart or an organization will help them.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Salmon, Parsley, Cucumber, Sweet Green Bean Gruel, Walnuts, Kiwi, Sesame Seeds

Friday evening, I had about two bowls of brown rice, sliced cucumber, my favorite shrimp with coconut milk, salmon seasoned with parsley. I ate parsley for the reasons listed in this article titled "Health Benefits of Parsley for Cancer, Arthritis, and Heart Disease." Parsley is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta carotene, quercetin, also contains flavonoids such as apigenin, luteolin and chrysoeroil, has high levels of polyacetylenes such as falcorinol, chlorophyll, and volatile oils, which exhibit anti-tumor properties or prevent cancer. Research shows that luteolin has an anti-proliferative effect against breast cancer. I have found another article that says parsley is used to help treat thyroid cancer. I was excited to eat cucumber again and suddenly remembered that cucumber has been absent from my meals. Oh oh. How did that happen? If I had healthy eyes, I would probably roll my eyes at the thought. I ate sweet green bean gruel with coconut milk and aloe vera again. I usually shivered with cold after eating it. Next time, I want to take the sweet green bean gruel out of the refrigerator, let it sit on the kitchen counter top for a few minutes. I drank home-made pomegranate juice at the end of dinner. I would like to eat fruits or have a detox green drink about thirty to forty five minutes before meal but due to my eye condition, I have not been able to do that for a few weeks .

I tried to sleep for several hours then woke up pass one in the morning and got really cold thus, I had to have food. I ate some grapefruit, walnuts, kiwi, two bowls of brown rice with salmon seasoned with parsley, and about one and a half to two teaspoons of organic sesame seeds. I chose sesame seeds instead of oysters for zinc because I try not to eat shellfish. I usually would sprinkle one teaspoon of organic sesame seeds evenly over a bowl of brown rice, but this time I accidentally poured out about 2 teaspoons of sesame seeds mixed with sea salt. Therefore, I refrain from adding the mixture of sesame seeds and sea salt over the second bowl of brown rice. I keep track of what I am eating. I try to eat organic sesame seeds daily because it helps treat inflammation. Sesame seeds have a variety of nutrients including copper, manganese, tryptophan, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1, zinc, selenium, and fiber. In addition, sesame seeds contain lignans which are sesamin and sesamolin which lower cholesterol, prevent high blood pressure, and increase vitamin E supplies. Sesamin can also protect the liver from oxidative damage. Right after I woke up, my urine was yellow. I have been eating foods beneficial for the liver.
I run out of walnuts and need to get them from a distant health food store, which seems to take forever.
It took me much longer to compose this post because I used science to explain why I ate certain foods and included the link for reference. You may want to read that article when you have some free time.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Eggs, Carrot Juice, Avocado, Halibut, Grapefruit, Soybean

These past couple of days, I have not been eating according to my diet plan. I do not remember everything that I ate yesterday and in which order.  I am trying to recall as much as I can.
Yesterday, I spread one teaspoon of organic Mayonnaise on a piece of brown bread then I put cooked eggs and beet roots on it. I probably ate two slices of brown bread with seeds because I usually did not want to eat three of them. Brown rice was not ready so I ate brown bread instead. Then, I ate halibut seared with sesame seeds. I had to take the black, greasy fish skin off and the sesame seeds also came off with it. I then drank a bowl of carrot juice that was blended in a juicer. If I could eat raw carrots, I would have a couple of sticks to save time to prepare other foods. I have not eaten avocados frequently these past couple of weeks. Therefore, I was happy to have avocado. It was cut into small, rectangular pieces of avocado about one inch long to help me eat them more easily. Since I have lost my health (sob), little things that people might take for granted like being able to eat avocado would make me feel happy. Material things do not matter to me and when I feel I may not have much time left, they become a bunch of useless things that do not help save me or bring me comfort. Organic foods help me heal and make feel better and what I really need is a car to go buy food to help me survive.
Today, for breakfast I dipped grapefruit into sea salt with cayenne pepper. I hesitated to use the spice because it appeared dry. I drank a bowl of home-made soybean. I could not sleep the night before due to cold weather and went to sleep after breakfast, and had to skip lunch as a result. I woke up in the evening. For dinner, I ate two or three bowls of brown rice, chicken, and taro soup and fish sauce with ginger. Then I ate sweet green bean gruel with coconut milk and aloe vera. I want to eat it again.

Toe Injuries and what I have learned

Some weeks ago, I was sitting with my legs crossed then my right toe bled a lot. The blood was darkened. I was scared. I did not know that my toe was bleeding. Although, I did not feel my toe pressed down, I guessed while sitting in that cross-legs position, the toe accidentally pressed down, then it bled. There was pus on the left side of the bled toe. When the nail was brittle and my toes were damaged, things could happen unexpectedly.
Some days later, my toe bled and the blood was also darkened. I could not lay my toe flat on the floor. I had to put it at a slight angle and when I was trying to focus on an important health consultation on the phone, pressure might have been exerted on the toe then it bled.
Due to toe injuries, I could not stand straight and my spine hurt. I have been trying to walk with difficulty. When it was too painful to walk, I had to eat and check email in one place. One afternoon, my toe bled again and the injury worsened. When I touched it even slightly, it was very painful that my teeth also hurt. I believed there was a crack in the nail and the blood bled from there. That same afternoon, I gently put extra virgin coconut oil on the toe because I was afraid of infection.
One evening, my toe bled the fourth time when I was talking on the phone with employees from a health food store. This time, the blood was red. The cold weather has made it even more aching and I have not been able to sleep at night. My eyes are very dry and painful thus, I cannot turn the heater on. Miseries can be endless. For my particular situation with injuries in many different places and tremendous pain that occurs simultaneously, it is no fun to be very ill and miserable.
From this experience, I have learned to be more careful when I sit and would not sit in the cross leg position again. Hopefully, I will remember this at all times. If I forget, you can remind me.

Does eating evening primrose oil help make toe and finger nails stronger? How about black currant oil and borage oil? Have you or someone you know tried evening primrose oil, black currant oil, or borage oil? Please share your experience or what you know about evening primrose, black currant, or borage oil to help others and me. Thank you.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Brown Bread with Seeds, Beetroot, and Organic Mayonnaise

These past couple of days, I could not wake up to have lunch due to eye pain. On Monday November 26, I was fortunate to have lunch. Instead of eating salad like the other day, I had some brown rice with the ingredients in the salad such as beetroot, wavy green vegetables, turkey and fish sauce. Last week, I had turkey but did not have sauce to go with it. Yesterday, I had turkey with fish sauce and ginger. I try not to eat a lot of meat. I limit eating meat twice a week. I usually did not fill the small bowl with a lot of rice, leaving room for food. I was careful about what I ate and left out rice with dark spots. Next time when I have salad again, I would like to add an egg.
Then later, I had a piece of brown bread with various seeds. I spread 1 teaspoon of organic Mayonnaise on the bread and beetroot. It was my first time eating beetroot with brown bread and Mayonnaise. It was interesting to try a new way of eating. At first, I did not want to eat Mayonnaise partly because I thought it would be sour. I have gotten used to the taste of Mayonnaise and start to like it. It is like "you would not know until you try it several times." I rather make Mayonnaise from a recipe. I would like to know how they produce Mayonnaise and if there is anything harmful in the process. It says "Best by Jul. 16, 13" which indicates that it has preservatives. Which preservatives does Trader Joe's use for organic Mayonnaise?  Sometimes, they might have left out certain nutrients. In the ingredients, they list organic lemon juice concentrate. I prefer fresh lemon juice squeezed from a cut lemon. If I get to eat home-made Mayonnaise one day then I can decide what to put in it and make sure that it is safe for my health. Do you make your own Mayonnaise? Which recipe do you use to make Mayonnaise? Please share it.

I almost run out of Trader Joe's Organic Mayonnaise. While I still have the jar with me, I will list Nutrition Facts and ingredients in Trader Joe's Organic Mayonnaise below:
16 fl oz (1PT) 473ml
USDA organic

Nutrition Facts:
Serv. size 1 tbsp (14g)
Calories 100
Fat Cal. 100

Total Fat 11g
Sat. Fat 1.5g
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsat. Fat 6g
Monounsat. Fat 2.5g
Cholest. 10mg

Sodium 85mg  4%DV
Total Carb. 0g
Fiber 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 0g

Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 0%, Iron 0%

Organic expeller pressed soybean oil, water, organic pasteurized egg yolks, organic whole eggs, organic white vinegar, salt, organic white mustard (organic distilled vinegar, water, organic mustard seed, salt, organic spices), organic lemon juice concentrate.

Does expeller pressed mean cold pressed?

I would like to post the regular Mayonnaise in this post to show the difference between organic Mayonnaise and the regular one (plan to update).

I wrote yesterday, Monday November 26. . . above and had to edit it to "On Monday November 26,. . ." because I started this post near the end of November and did not finish it until the beginning of December. Due to severe eye pain and toe injuries, it has taken me a long time to finish a post.

In this video, Natalie explains how to choose healthy bread to eat. Natalie, thank you.
Where to get Ezekiel bread? The brown bread that I've been eating is heavy and it has helped me to have bowel movement.

What You Can Do to Help Me

I'm not able to work. You can donate to help me buy organic foods, or buy a car to go to health food stores, or expenses including medical costs. Any amount would help. Please look on the right of this blog and click the Donate button. You can give me gift certificates to buy things on amazon.com, organic oils from soapgoods.com, or other health foods stores, light colored cardigans with three fourth sleeves and soft, stretchy materials at macys.com. I wear size medium in Junior's section, or small in the Women's section. Please note that size small in the Junior's section does not fit me at all. If you can read Vietnamese, please click this link for more details.
Please see "My Wish List" on the side bar.

Organic Oils:
I really need cold pressed, food grade, organic oil as soon as possible including:
apricot kernel oil,
hemp essential oil and hemp seed oil
evening primrose oil,
almond oil,
aloe vera oil which can be a mixture of almond oil and aloe vera,
neem oil,
sunflower seed oil, and/or

I also need organic teas. Please note natural does not mean organic. The tea box must print the word "organic" on it. I'll list organic teas:
organic Rooibos tea,
organic white tea,
organic chamomile tea, and
organic dandelion tea.

You can pray for my recovery. This will help boost my spirit and make me feel alive because you care about my health.

Could someone please read health articles for me, both in English and/or in Vietnamese and send me the file to listen to? Please read them clearly. Please don't read them too fast because I can't catch up. You can use the program on your computer to record or use a digital recorder. I'll give you links to articles to read. My eyes are so painful that reading has become very difficult. I've used the software Speakonia but I have a hard time figuring out what it reads. Tylor, thank you for sending me the software Speakonia. When you help me read health articles, you'll learn more about health, which will help you and your family live a longer, healthier and happier life. You'll have what you give to others, health and happiness. I hope that online articles have audio to download to help ill people who suffer tremendous eye pain like me. One day when I heal completely, I'd like to read health articles and post audio files on this blog.

You can bookmark this blog and share it with others. When you speak on the phone, whether local, long distance, or international, please share my wish with that person. Eventually, it will reach someone who can help me. People from all over the world can help me. When you help me, you may be saving my life, or extend it, or help reduce my miseries.

If you know anyone who is sick, please ask them to read my blog. I hope that my blog will help others in some ways.

Thank you very much. I will possibly update this particular post as I remember what other things I need that you can also help.