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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Eggs, Carrot Juice, Avocado, Halibut, Grapefruit, Soybean

These past couple of days, I have not been eating according to my diet plan. I do not remember everything that I ate yesterday and in which order.  I am trying to recall as much as I can.
Yesterday, I spread one teaspoon of organic Mayonnaise on a piece of brown bread then I put cooked eggs and beet roots on it. I probably ate two slices of brown bread with seeds because I usually did not want to eat three of them. Brown rice was not ready so I ate brown bread instead. Then, I ate halibut seared with sesame seeds. I had to take the black, greasy fish skin off and the sesame seeds also came off with it. I then drank a bowl of carrot juice that was blended in a juicer. If I could eat raw carrots, I would have a couple of sticks to save time to prepare other foods. I have not eaten avocados frequently these past couple of weeks. Therefore, I was happy to have avocado. It was cut into small, rectangular pieces of avocado about one inch long to help me eat them more easily. Since I have lost my health (sob), little things that people might take for granted like being able to eat avocado would make me feel happy. Material things do not matter to me and when I feel I may not have much time left, they become a bunch of useless things that do not help save me or bring me comfort. Organic foods help me heal and make feel better and what I really need is a car to go buy food to help me survive.
Today, for breakfast I dipped grapefruit into sea salt with cayenne pepper. I hesitated to use the spice because it appeared dry. I drank a bowl of home-made soybean. I could not sleep the night before due to cold weather and went to sleep after breakfast, and had to skip lunch as a result. I woke up in the evening. For dinner, I ate two or three bowls of brown rice, chicken, and taro soup and fish sauce with ginger. Then I ate sweet green bean gruel with coconut milk and aloe vera. I want to eat it again.

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    God bless you!