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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Toe Injuries and what I have learned

Some weeks ago, I was sitting with my legs crossed then my right toe bled a lot. The blood was darkened. I was scared. I did not know that my toe was bleeding. Although, I did not feel my toe pressed down, I guessed while sitting in that cross-legs position, the toe accidentally pressed down, then it bled. There was pus on the left side of the bled toe. When the nail was brittle and my toes were damaged, things could happen unexpectedly.
Some days later, my toe bled and the blood was also darkened. I could not lay my toe flat on the floor. I had to put it at a slight angle and when I was trying to focus on an important health consultation on the phone, pressure might have been exerted on the toe then it bled.
Due to toe injuries, I could not stand straight and my spine hurt. I have been trying to walk with difficulty. When it was too painful to walk, I had to eat and check email in one place. One afternoon, my toe bled again and the injury worsened. When I touched it even slightly, it was very painful that my teeth also hurt. I believed there was a crack in the nail and the blood bled from there. That same afternoon, I gently put extra virgin coconut oil on the toe because I was afraid of infection.
One evening, my toe bled the fourth time when I was talking on the phone with employees from a health food store. This time, the blood was red. The cold weather has made it even more aching and I have not been able to sleep at night. My eyes are very dry and painful thus, I cannot turn the heater on. Miseries can be endless. For my particular situation with injuries in many different places and tremendous pain that occurs simultaneously, it is no fun to be very ill and miserable.
From this experience, I have learned to be more careful when I sit and would not sit in the cross leg position again. Hopefully, I will remember this at all times. If I forget, you can remind me.

Does eating evening primrose oil help make toe and finger nails stronger? How about black currant oil and borage oil? Have you or someone you know tried evening primrose oil, black currant oil, or borage oil? Please share your experience or what you know about evening primrose, black currant, or borage oil to help others and me. Thank you.

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