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Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Intensive Research Focuses on Cancer and How It Has Helped Me

Although I have been suffering miserably from extreme eye pain and other kinds of pain in different areas simultaneously, I have tried so hard to do extensive research almost every day. I need to rest my eyes. I cannot use the monitor, but no one helps me read health articles, watch videos, and listen to audio files therefore, I have to do it myself. My research focuses on cancer thus, I will post about cancer. I have a strong desire to be healthy and look young for as long as possible thus I find those who look healthy, strong, and much younger than their age such as Dr. Axe to see what they eat. If what they advised made sense, I would follow. I was fortunate to find Dr. Axe online and have introduced him and his web site to many people to help them and also to show my gratitude. One day, I found his video on youtube.com and contacted him on facebook. He replied my question which indicated that he cared about others so I decided to explore his web site more. His writing is clear, easy to understand and structural. Dr. Axe says that he eats as if he has cancer. His style matches mine.  Whenever I tried to read, my eyes hurt to tears so I decided to listen to videos mostly. I learn from different sources, but I always come back to Dr. Axe's web site draxe.com as my primary source of information. Dr. Axe has helped his mother cure her cancer and I would like to have his CD to learn all of his techniques.

Mrs. Axe talks about her breast cancer and holistic approach that saves her life.

I've joined a yahoo group where I can get latest news on cancer. I've also learned what cancer survivors eat, how much, and how often they eat those foods and/or herbs. I selected nutrient dense foods that protect against cancers to eat. I have been using cancer fighting methods to help me heal. After I ate a certain food, I noticed how I felt and keep track of my health progress. I felt light after eating healthy foods that I have posted in different journal entries. Those foods give me some energy to do my research on cancer. They have helped me survive and deal with pain. Imagine without them, I would probably need heavy pain medications all day every day. Many patients recovered after about two years when they started eating healthy foods and changed their lifestyles. This means I have to wait for about one and a half year, but I do not know if I can bear another day of pain and suffering. I will try not to think about the long wait. Health is the most precious thus, I will be patient with myself no matter how long it will take as long as I will recover.  I'll continue to learn as much about health as possible for as long as I live.
If you can come read my blog and/or leave an encouraging message, I think it will help me through this difficult time. Could you please invite others to come read my blog and support me spiritually?

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