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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, healing methods

I cried many times throughout the day after hearing about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School yesterday. Sending love and peace to the people of Newtown, CT to comfort them.

I have learned that there are thirty seven villages in Viet Nam where many people have died from cancers and many lives are in danger because of harmful chemicals. They need clean water supplies. I hope that someone with a big heart or an organization will help them.

The news greatly affected me so I went to sleep very early in the evening and had to skip dinner. A lot of rest and healing foods would help me cope with stress. I woke up around four while everyone was still sleeping and made up for dinner. When the body is stressed, magnesium is depleted. I need vitamin B for the brain. I ate a bowl of brown rice and eggplant with delicious :-) sauce which included these powerful ingredients--ginger, garlic, black pepper, fish sauce, brown sugar and olive oil. I have found an article that says sugar does not have much benefit for the body, but brown sugar add to the taste. I would like to try coconut crystal some day. It is better to eat beef, the main source of protein, at noon or in the morning. My meal is full of flavor and colors today. I then had two bowls of brown rice, beef cooked with broccoli, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and black pepper. Where can I get organic soy sauce? I selected powerful spices and sometimes modified recipes for healing purpose. I plan to post the recipes I use and express my appreciation. Next week when it is time for beef again, I would like to add pineapples to the beef and broccoli recipe. For dessert, I had one avocado without sugar or ice cubes to protect my teeth. Some people tend to eat avocado with sugar and ice, but they did not realize that they might have added too much sugar. This time, the bright yellow/green pieces of avocado made me feel excited and want to eat them right away. Yummy, yummy. I finish my meal with a bowl of pomegranate juice. Pinkish purple is my favorite color because it looks romantic and lively. I would call pomegranate my happy fruit. Foods can affect our moods. La la la. . . La La La. . . singing. . . Pomegranate is among the top five richest in antioxidants. When I was little, I wished to eat pomegranate and finally, my dream of eating came true. Thank you for a wonderful meal.

I slept through lunch. It would be ideal if I could have five meals every day, three main meals and two small ones in between. However, I was fortunate to have two meals, breakfast and dinner. Sometimes, I could not even open my eyes to have a meal even though stomach ache and pain in other areas were intolerable. It felt like if I forced my very dry eyes to open, they would be torn or fall out, so I did not dare to risk. For dinner, my first bowl contained brown rice, eggplant, beet root, and Gynura Acutifolia. With vegetables, some leaves look similar thus, I put the scientific name to distinguish it. Gynura Acutifolia detoxes the body and prevents or helps treat cancer, stomach ulcer, constipation, dizziness, reduce pain such as back pain and headaches, wounds or bruises, insomnia, and diabetes. Before, I had constipation, but it has improved these past couple of months. To quench my sudden thirst, I decided to drink coconut water with fresh aloe vera next. Note to myself: I had bowel movement. For the second bowl, I ate brown rice, chicken with ginger, and cucumber. Then I drank a bowl of carrot juice mainly for my eyes. Carrot is also good for skin. Next, I wiped my hands with wet napkin and dipped grapefruit into a mixture of sea salt and cayenne pepper. 

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