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Monday, December 17, 2012

Gynura Acutifolia, Coconut Water with fresh Aloe Vera, Eggs

As I got up around 5:30AM, I had stomach ache and felt nauseous. I got hungry shortly after eating and hunger tortured. There was no time to make breakfast so I ate almost the same food as last night. My breakfast today is more like lunch. I ate the first bowl of brown rice with beet root, Gynura Acutifolia, some eggs mostly the white part, and chicken. For the second bowl of brown rice, I had more eggs, a lot of cucumber, and Gynura Acutifolia. I miss fruits although I just ate it yesterday. Holding a bowl of orange juice in my hands, I thought of the usual sour taste of orange but to my surprise, it was somewhat sweet. If it was sour, I would squint my eyes and gulp it anyways. Then I ate a bowl of sweet green bean gruel with coconut milk, aloe vera, and reddish purple grapes. I usually ate fresh grapes separately, but putting them on top of sweet green bean gruel is interesting. Grape smoothie tastes better.

Natalie explains health benefits of coconut.

Do you like coconut? I have always enjoyed the taste of coconut. After eating coconut, I feel refreshed like a whole new person. I am grateful that I have coconut to eat more often now.

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  1. Do you have any idea what your health problem is? I've looked briefly at some of the symptoms you are discussing and what you are eating, and I have to say that if you want to get well, you cannot "listen to" what everyone is saying about "healthy" eating, because everyone has different needs and, in your case, probably huge imbalances, and so you have to do study for yourself to find the "truth" of healthful eating for your needs.

    Do you know what it is you have? (Sorry I didn't answer earlier - exam season - but it's over now. Hurray!)