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Sunday, October 13, 2013

I Lost 25 Eyelashes. Eye Pain because of Eye Drop Residues

Mon Oct 1st, 2013

After waking up earlier this evening, I tried to put eye drops into my eyes, but many drops didn't go inside. I got up to see why my right eye felt painful and saw my eyes were bloodshot red and more eye drop residues pile up on my eyelashes. There was an eyelash along my upper eyelashes. I thought perhaps the eye drop residues weigh down my eyelashes, making me feel painful. I slowly poured a small cup of water and repeated it to wash my right eye and eyelashes because that was the only way to reduce the burning sensation. I gently touched my eyelash with the side of my index finger trying to get rid of the thick eye drop residues. Suddenly, a whole bunch of eyelashes fell out! Last time, I lost about 6 or 7 eyelashes each time twice, but this time it looked like it was much more than that. I tried to separate the eyelashes from the thick eye drop residue and started counting. Can you guess how many eyelashes fell out at once? 13! I saw about two eyelashes hanging on to my eyelashes in a vertical position. As I blinked, those two eyelashes pushed downward, making me feel uncomfortable. I poured more water, trying to wash away those two eyelashes. Instead, I saw three more eyelashes on my index finger and about 8 or 9 more poking into my right eyes, causing pain. Usually, I only wanted to pour two small cups of water to wash one eye at a time, but tonight I poured more than that. Sometimes, I focused my attention in washing down eye drop residues that I forgot wet eyelashes fell out more easily. The day before or a few days ago, several eyelashes fell out and poked my left eye. Many eyelashes poked both of my eyes simultaneously throughout the day, making it more painful. Whenever I wash my eyes, I pray that my eyelashes don't fall out and poke my eyes.
A long time ago, my eyelashes started to fall out. This condition continued which got my attention. The eye surgeon didn't know why my eyelashes fell out thus I continued to search for the answer on my own. I made the connection with hair loss, a symptom of thyroid disorder. When your eyelashes fall out like mine, you may want to see if it has a health implication and check for any nutritional deficiencies. For example, are you deficient in Iodine or Vitamins?

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