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Sunday, October 13, 2013

What I Eat for My Hair

Sept 30, 2013

I'm thankful for natural shiny, straight, thick black hair. A long time ago when I was gently stroking my hair, I asked myself, "Can a person's hair be this smooth?" I became fascinated that it was not just smooth overall, but each strand was smooth. :-)  All kinds of hair ties and hair clips slide off my hair so I have to tie it with rubber band. I had so much hair that when I tied it up, I felt heavy. Unfortunately, my hair started to fall out then later I learned that it was a sign of thyroid disorder. Regardless of how healthy, or how much hair, or how unique it is, even if it's one of a kind, it can change due to illness.
More than 4 years ago, I became severely ill and my hair fell out like snow. I didn't want so much hair to fall out anymore so I gently rubbed fresh aloe vera gel onto the scalp in the back and top of my head. After many hours, I rinsed my hair with water then washed it with soap. Some time later, I put extra virgin coconut oil on my hair then washed it. One time, I forgot it was there. Haha. . . After I got sick, I forgot things frequently. My hair was strengthened and did not fall out as easily as before. It fell out if it got tangled and I held it with some force or combed it with my fingers.
I've been stressed and also my back and spine hurt so much that my head pressed down on the pillow and also hurt. I rubbed my head several times then my hair got tangled. After I woke up, I combed it with my fingers and my hair fell out. I thought to myself, "If I could gather all of my hair that has fallen out all of these years, a hair specialist can make a wig for another cancer patient."
While doing research on health, I learn about chia seeds and its benefits. I ate steel cut oat with chia seeds. When I was about to stop buying almond milk, I found Dr. Oz's video in which celebrity nutritionist Kimberly suggested a simple recipe with almond milk and chia seeds. I tried it and liked it a lot. :-) Thank you. I read an article about an older athlete performing better than younger ones and he shared that he got much energy because he often ate chia seeds. Today, I found a YouTube video on Hair Food in which HousewifeofSC shares that chia seeds have given her more energy and improved her dry and brittle hair. You can check it out here Food Tip # 4: Hair Food
I hope that you'll take even better care of your hair after reading this blog post. Your hair can indicate how healthy you are inside.

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