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Friday, October 4, 2013

Music to Help You Sleep. Sleep for Eye Health

Friday, April 26, 2013

I haven't been able to sleep at night. I had great discomfort throughout the night and the following day. My immune system became weaker. I felt cold and very itchy. My eyes became very blurry and more painful. Two nights ago, I couldn't sleep until morning so I was worried and stressed. Last night, I listened to meditation music (absolute Tai Chi) and fell asleep.

If you find it difficult to sleep or feel stressed, you may want to listen to the music at night. Thanks. I hope that it will also help you. I want to embed this video on my health blog to help others sleep at night to prevent illness.

When I find more music that helps me sleep, I will add it to this post. I'll need to see how it works for me first before I can recommend it.

Dr. Michael Lange explained how lack of sleep affects your eye health at the beginning of this video, "Best Source of Omega-3, Organic Meat - 'Ask The Doctor' with Dr. Michael Lange April 25, 2012."

Thank you.

I'm listening to Meditation (Absolute Tai Chi) song 2 and Lullabies Relaxing Piano Music on Oct 3rd, 2013.

Edit October 5, 2013:
When I was stressed, I felt more ill. I listen to relaxation music to reduce stress. Here is the list of relaxation music that I find helpful.

Water Song - Medwyn Goodall

Edit November 30, 2013 at night:
I was searching for a piano facebook page and found this awesome guitar tapping with piano, Time of Wonder by two brothers, City in the Sound.  I felt refreshed and kept listening to it. Two thumbs up. Great job! Thanks.

Relaxation music for stress relief and healing meditation uploaded by Mohajatok Shahid Al Bokhari.

I'll list more later.

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