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Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving dinner this year

How was your Thanksgiving? I hoped that you had a great Thanksgiving with your family.
Usually, when Thanksgiving came, I sent a card to everyone. In the recent past, I called everyone to thank them for their kindness. Some friends have helped me when I needed the most and I expressed my deep appreciation. I will always keep your kindness in my heart.  

Thank you for making a positive difference in my life.
Yesterday, more like a little passed midnight, I could eventually get up and had home-cooked turkey for the first time ever for Thanksgiving. Wow! It is wonderful to feel loved. Thank you for preparing a Thanksgiving dinner that I've wanted for a long time. The food was delicious. If I get to eat turkey again, I would like to spread fish sauce with ginger on the turkey. I think I will let you know my feelings about eating meat in another post later. I also drank green tea to reduce the pain. Usually, I would drink tea earlier in the day, not at night but I could not get up earlier to drink it. I was eating nuts with my eyes closed due to severe eye pain and was concerned that I would bite on a hard surface and chip or crack my teeth. Even though I was careful while eating, it happened to my front tooth (ouch!) last time when I was eating shrimp chips or Krupuk - cute name. There might be some filling in that tooth but it could also be a crack. I would not eat Krupuk again to prevent it from damaging my teeth. Krupuk was coupled ;) with that other recipe and I had not find another healthy alternative. That was partly why I ate it, but I knew that I should not eat it in the first place.  
Not only was I eating healing food on Thanksgiving this year, the atmosphere and feelings of love and warmth were also comforting.

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