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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Smoking Risk and Lung Cancer - deceased Dr. Richard Teo

After watching the video in the post below this one, I thought about what might be the cause of Dr. Richard Teo's lung cancer. I wondered if Dr. Richard Teo smoked but the transcript of his talk did not mention anything about him smoking and if I could talk with his family members, then I would be able to know the cause of his lung cancer. I then thought that he was a doctor so he would know how to take better care of himself and wondered how he took care of himself when he was still alive.  Doctors are also human who decided to study health and practice medicine. They could have habits that would lead to diseases. I couldn't ask Dr. Richard Teo if he smoked because he passed away already and my eyes were very painful so I couldn't do research to find the answer. I believed I clicked on a related video and watched/listened to the Christian version of the Testimony of Dr. Richard Teo video at this link http://youtu.be/rLFzJntPDCs .

In this video, Dr. Richard Teo said he smoked but more like a social smoker. He also smoked when his friends invited him cigarettes. His friends also smoked so Dr. Richard Teo was surrounded by smoking environment and inhaled cigarette smoke. That was also harmful to his lung. Although he was not a heavy smoker, he still had the last stage of lung cancer. Perhaps, it was too late when Dr. Richard Teo found out that he had lung cancer.  Usually, when people had pain and other symptoms that made them go to see a doctor, it was the latter stage of an illness. In the videos that I posted, Dr. Richard Teo mentioned that he smoked but did not draw a link between his habit and lung cancer. That is partly why I'm making this link to help you understand that our habits/lifestyles can lead to diseases including cancers. Although Dr. Richard Teo is not an oncologist, he is a doctor so he must know well that smoking is one of the risk factors for lung cancer. We can reduce risks to prevent lung cancer.
Often times, friends invite other friends to smoke. Friends' actions influence our life in positive or negative ways. You've seen harmful effects of smoking from Dr. Richard Teo's story. I've never smoked even once in my life. I'm thankful that no one has invited me to smoke but even if someone did, I wouldn't smoke because I love myself and also care about others. I would possibly reply, "No, thank you. I don't smoke because of my health."  Please love yourself more. Please help save your life and your loved ones' lives by not smoking. Your loved ones may inhale cigarette smoke which is also harmful, think about breast cancer. 
Do you know someone who smokes? I want to make positive changes in other people's lives. I've asked others not to smoke or quit smoking. I've actively helped them quit smoking for their health and others'. In Viet Nam, a lot of men smoke. Imagine an atmosphere full of cigarette smoke. I have a plan to help them quit smoking and reverse the effects of lung damages. Right now, I'm too ill to carry out all the details of the plan. However, if you want to show your support, please let me know. You may help carry out my plan. I let readers know my visions and desires to help others and you can participate in carrying out my visions. Thank you. For now, that is how I contribute to the world, to American society, and to my homeland while I am too sick to do it myself. I still have the brain to think (lol) and leadership skills. Thank you.   


  1. Yes, I absolutely agree with your claim. Let's make a plan to put a stop to smoking in Viet Nam.

  2. Yes. Let's make a plan to put a stop to smoking in Viet Nam.